T24 Banking System - T24 Pre Implementation, T24 Implementation
T24 Banking System - T24 Pre Implementation, T24 Implementation

T24 Banking System

T24 is one of the most technical advanced core banking solutions available today. T24 banking system is considered as the first or second best selling banking system for the last 12 years. This banking software system is used in retail, corporate and microfinance banks. It gives an ultimate functionality and power enabling to meet the challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow. T24 uses established standards such as HTTP, XML and J2EE and offers low cost of ownership as it is built on open architecture. T24 is a revolutionized the core banking system industry as it is modular, functionally rich, fully integrated, real-time banking application. It has removed the need for end-of-day processing and enabled online operation at any time throughout the year. T24 has helped the banks in reducing the risk which results from out of date information and manual data entry. The T24 banking solution avoids the disruptions to business caused by replacing entire systems and has increased management information and reviews.

T24 Pre Implementation

A well organized T24 pre implementation helps the banks in avoiding hidden costs in future phases of the projects. For the T24 pre implementation in any bank or financial institutions, the professional T24 experts need to understand various factors like functional requirements, organizational constraints, operational constraints, regulatory constraints and security constraints.

T24 Implementation

Typically, T24 implementation involves a T24 expert who can provide complete IT services to banks and financial institutions and is capable of system integration, T24 support, T24 service and T24 management services. The T24 implementation also includes T24 configuration and T24 test ultimately providing good functionality to its users. There are more than 600 banks worldwide which have been running T24 banking system successfully since many years. Getting a new T24 banking system is equivalent to half battle won.

The company offering the implementation or pre implementation services for T24 software should be having the in depth knowledge of the product which allows to take the best performance out of T24 banking system. The real challenge is to give proper T24 training to the users they need to make the core banking solution a success.