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T24 Banking Services

T24 is a core banking solution offering customers a full front-to-back core banking solution on all Microsoft platforms. Using T24 banking system gives opportunity to meet the challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow as it is the most flexible and comprehensive scalable and advanced architecture. Over the years T24 Banking Software has been tested proven itself to be the best amongst banks and financial world. World leading banks are using this banking solution testifies to the fact that it is the most technically advanced banking solution taking care of all your banking needs. T24 is a real-time banking application providing multiple application server support to a huge number of users. It is a 24 hour banking system which doesn’t require to run End Of Day processing. Multiple channels are tied together to provide CRM functionality making true non-stop processing a single system possible. T24 banking solution can transform the bank infrastructure giving functional breadth to the bank and helping to expand its products. With the help of T24 Banking services, the banks can now provide 24X7 services to their retail and corporate clients which is a fundamental requirement in a bank today. By using T24 banking software, the banks have been able to enhance service quality and at the same time can reduce IT overheads of the bank. T24 has inherent flexibility which helps in quickly adapting legislative change for the banks.T24 banking solution provides standardized as well as cost effective core banking platform, enabling it to offer a wider range of services which serve the below mentioned sectors.

T24 for Banks

T24 is being used in more than 250 retail banking operations including international banking groups, community banks and newly opened banks. It offers full functionality starting from front office through to the back office, CRM and product life cycle management. T24 for banks has helped the banks in achieving total customer satisfaction because of its affordable, scalable and high performance solutions.

T24 for Financial Institutions

The financial institutions require an advanced, flexible and affordable banking system which is easy to install. T24 for financial institutions is a set of programs added to T24 to expand its functionality to meet the competitive needs of finance industry.

T24 banking service is proud to be part of the success of banks and achieve growth objectives with perfection. At present it is also working with the World Bank on solutions for emerging markets.